How to Redesign a Small Kitchen

The Inconvenient Kitchen

Not all kitchens are created equal. If you are inconveniently squeezed in between your stove or refrigerator and your cabinets while preparing food, then it’s safe to say that your kitchen is on the smaller side. You may think your lack of space limits what you can do with it, yet there are actually quite a few design and renovation strategies that can help make your kitchen roomier.

Create an Illusion of bigger

Keep in mind that in this context, “bigger” doesn’t necessarily mean adding more space. What you may need is a little bit of creativity and inspiration. You can literally make your kitchen space appear to look and feel larger by just moving a few things around. Some storage tips, a couple of interesting visual tricks, and the assistance of a free kitchen design software program can help you turn your kitchen into an enjoyable and functional room.

Add Space Through Design Updates

Replacing cabinet and cupboard doors with glass-panel doors creates the illusion of more space. So too does eliminating large, thick design patterns, such as those on countertops, backsplashes, and floor tiles. Replacing those items with stone countertops, thinner tiles glued directly to the wall, and thinner flooring materials will make the surrounding area they are set against look larger. If large, bulky appliances are not necessary, smaller ones can be incorporated into the kitchen design.

Stay on Top of Your Storage

Once you’ve updated your kitchen’s design, you then need to find the right place for all of those items that normally call the countertop home. Limited Counter space feels more so when covered by toasters, coffee makers, and blenders. Store those items in your cabinets instead. New cabinets should extend up to the ceiling for maximum storage space. By clearing off the counters, they appear larger and offer more room for food prep.

Be Prepared to Be Amazed

You might think that no matter what updates you do to your kitchen, deep down you will still realize what a small space it truly is. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised. Once all the clutter that’s currently occupying your kitchen is removed and replaced with features that maximize its space, your kitchen will become more than capable of supporting everyday meals as well as large get-togethers.

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