Pedestrian Safety Awareness

Pedestrian Must Follow the Law

The road can be a dangerous place for drivers and pedestrians alike. When you’re walking or riding a bicycle, you may mistakenly believe you always have the right of way. As a pedestrian, you have your own set of traffic laws to obey in order to keep yourself and others around you safe. You can avoid a precarious and maybe dangerous situation by following some smart safety tips.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

While a pedestrian, you must stay alert and watch for approaching vehicles, traffic lights, and other pedestrians. Don’t be distracted by using a cell phone or listening to music through your earbuds. Whatever is distracting you from being fully alert while walking down the street or in a parking lot can wait until you’re somewhere less chaotic. Also, watch out for suspicious looking people walking near you.

Wait for the Traffic Signal

When the stoplight crossing indicator is saying “Don’t Walk”, it’s tempting to ignore it when the road seems empty. However, vehicles may make a turn from a blind corner or speed in your direction faster than you are aware of, putting you in a vulnerable position. Wait until the signal tells you it’s okay to enter the street, and then confirm the road is clear before crossing to the other side.

Make Sure You’re Visibly Seen

Negligence caused by bad drivers can result in serious accidents to pedestrians that require a personal injury attorney to resolve, but you can help avoid these dangers by making sure drivers can see you. You should always walk against traffic, and make sure you’re not obscured by anything on the sidewalk before you cross the street. When it’s dark out, wear bright or reflective clothing.

Be a Smart Pedestrian

With each of the above tips under your belt, you can become a smarter pedestrian. Your extra effort to avoid vehicles may be a huge help to drivers who may not see you, especially because they have many points to focus on when they’re behind the wheel. Keep your eyes up and your mind alert to make the road a safer place for everyone who uses it.

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