Criminal Defense

Finding Legal Help In Texas


Have you or someone close to you recently been arrested for a criminal offense? If you are found guilty of the charges against you, criminal convictions can have devastating and long-lasting consequences. You will have one of two choices to make after you are arrested: accept a plea bargain or go to trial with the hope that you will be acquitted.

Plea Bargain

During the plea bargaining negotiations, the district attorney will look at what seems to be the evidence and offer a lower sentence than what might be given if the case goes to trial. If the evidence is strong, a plea bargain might be the better choice. Your attorney should conduct his or her own investigation of the evidence to see  if a better plea deal can be made.


If a case goes to trial, everything gets more complex. The district attorney will try to prove to a jury that the evidence is strong enough to bring a guilty verdict. On the other hand, your attorney will try to show that the evidence is weak, lacks substance, and is not sufficient beyond a reasonable doubt to convict the accused person in a court of law.

Texas Legal System

The Texas legal system is very complex, one of the toughest in the country. Knowbody wants real criminals to go unpunished for their crimes; therefore, the district attorneys in Texas are very aggressive to get a conviction and just sentence. It's vital to have an attorney on your side.

There Is Hope

If you have a good attorney on your side to fight for your best interest, it's possible to have the charges against you dropped completely with no conviction record. On the other hand, if the evidence shows you played a part in a crime, a reduced charge or sentence may be possibe.

Get Help Now

If you or someone you know needs an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight a criminal case in Texas, don't hesitate to call one now. Trying to fight or settle your case alone could be disastrous. There are many experienced attorneys in Texas who care about your outcome.